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"Last Minute"

... Last Minute (Not-Refundable)

"Advance Booking"

... Book up to 15 days, for at least 3 nights and save 20% on the best internet rate available!

"Not Refundable"

... Book at least 2 days before and save 15% on the best available rate!

"Subscribe and Save"

... up to 10% discount on the best internet rate by booking on the official website of the hotel!

"Family Weekend"

...Spend a weekend with your family, your children will be our guests!

'Skip the line at Vatican Museum'

We will take care of your visit to Vatican Musuems and Sistine Chapel...

Find out "The Rome's Great Beauty…

If you have always longed to visit Rome and you have three or more days at your disposal, book this exclusive offer!

"Day Use"

Rooms for daytime use.  

Groupe Valadier, the hospitality in the heart of Rome

Hotels & Luxury Suites in Rome

With its four Hotels and its luxury suites in Rome, for years the Groupe Valadier has played a central role in the city's hospitality offering, thanks to our Rome luxury suites.

The group is headed by a sound family concern, that directly manages and coordinates a pool of experts with a view to keeping abreast of all the latest developments, so as to guarantee high levels of quality at all times, balancing innovation, technology and tradition.
Experience, ideas, and above all passion, are the driving forces that guide the Groupe Valadier on their constant search for excellence.

Food & Drink

The settings of the four renowned restaurants and piano bar are extremely evocative, and are served by staff that works closely together, with diligence and devotion to duty, to make every dish a feast for the palate and the soul.

The cuisine, with its different offering for each facility, is the undisputed star attraction, based on the skilled combination of Italian tradition and the latest ethnic-fusion trends.

With the utmost attention paid to the selection of high quality ingredients and wines from the best cellars worldwide and the focus placed on an efficient, friendly service, the Groupe Valadier transforms even a simple tasting into an experience of pure pleasure.


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A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Rome

What better way to spend the most romantic evening of the year than in the company of your sweetheart in one of the most magical and charming atmospheres of the...

Hi-Res Lunch Tasting Menu

The restaurant offers HI RES 'Tasting Menu' for the lunch service to all customers who want to enjoy a fine meal in the beautiful location overlooking the rooftops of Rome.Besides...

An interview with Luca Cardinetti, Chef Hi-Res

Luca Cardinetti is the Chef at the panoramic Hi-res restaurant, which has always been a symbol of fine cuisine and carefully selected dishes. His youth notwithstanding, Chef Luca already has many...

The third Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy will begin on 8 Dec…

The third Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy will begin on 8 December. After a lifetime dedicated to the poor, Pope Francis will use the Church as a loudspeaker, if you will,...

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Groupe Valadier is an important player in the hospitality sector.

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